Herland Working Bouviers

Our kennel name comes from our belief that the cornerstone of an excellent breeding program is the quality of the bitches.


We have a selective breeding

program for Bouvier des Flandres

from KNPV bloodlines.

We breed for working ability, courage,

health, athleticism  and stability.

We train in IPO as one way to evaluate our dogs' character and working strengths.

First and foremost our dogs

     are our companions.

Alkemi Brid of Herland 
Above Photos by Corinne Griffin  
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Carolyn Herle was a founding member of the Select Working Dog Club, a former DVG affiliated IPO dog club located in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Carolyn is a current member of a DVG club in Colorado and travels to the USA to train at this club every chance she gets.

Carolyn is a long time member of the German Shepherd Schutzhund Club of Canada and is a member and trains with a GSSCC affiliated club in Calgary, Alberta.

Herland Working Bouvier bitches are outstanding!

For more Herland Bouvier information contact:

Carolyn Herle